M.Phil Year 2 Translation 08MT Week 6

Bridging the cultural divide

1.  The "reform and opening-up" of the 1980s has led to "marketisation" in every aspect of Chinese life; books now have to make money. So the Chinese Communist party, which is entirely in favour of marketisation, likes books which shed a positive light on urbanisation and the growth of a consumerist society.

2.  These 300 books … fully reflect the deep changes that Chinese society and the Chinese people have gone through over the past 30 years under the leadership of the Chinese Communist party …

3.  She observed the furore that surrounded the publication of the Da Vinci Code – and said that denunciations of the book from church pulpits reminded her irresistibly of the mass criticisms of the Cultural Revolution, suggesting that ideological differences notwithstanding, America and China share an ideological "climate".