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US rivals back on campaign trail

The US presidential rivals are heading back to the campaign trail after a heated final televised debate.

John McCain turned in an aggressive performance but opinion polls on the event suggested he had failed to land a telling blow on Barack Obama.

Analysts say the Republican Mr McCain will now spend some time focusing on shoring up stronghold states.

Frontrunner Mr Obama advised against complacency, recalling his surprise defeat in the New Hampshire primary.

On Thursday night the two candidates will again share a stage - giving speeches at a traditional political dinner in Manhattan in honour of former New York Governor Al Smith.

Advertising plans

Mr Obama will now be targeting states he previously considered to be Republican territory, commentators say.

He is heading out to visit Virginia and Missouri in the next few days.

McCain and Obama on taxes, tax-cuts and Joe the plumber

Sources in the Democratic campaign say he will advertise in West Virginia, which George W Bush won four years ago and which Mr Obama lost to Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in the primary.

The sources say the campaign may also fund attempts to win over states such as Kentucky, North Dakota and Georgia.

Mr McCain will visit the swing state of Pennsylvania but sources say he will also have to go to more favourable Republican territories such as Virginia, Colorado and Florida.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) has said it will halt advertising in Maine and Wisconsin. The move suggests strategists are doubtful about their candidate's chances there, analysts say.

The McCain campaign will continue to run its own ads in the states. Mr McCain was in Wisconsin last week, and running mate Sarah Palin is expected to visit Maine on Thursday.

BBC News 16 Oct 08