Tutorial and other arrangements for undergraduates reading Chinese.


First Year   Second Year   Third Year   Fourth Year

All students

Collections (not first year):  Friday, 10 October in the Institute for Chinese Studies for all second, third, and fourth year students. See separate notice for times:-

2nd year 2-5 pm.

3rd  year 9.30 a.m.to 12.30

4th year  1 - 4 pm

Consultative Meeting: This will be held on Monday 24th November (7th Week) at 5.30 pm. Please inform Dr Chard of any business by Thursday 20th November.

Timetables and other information for all four years will be posted on the Centre for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language website by the end of 0th Week. From the main page (www.ctcfl.ox.ac.uk/) click Student dairy MT 2008 and then Timetable.



First Year

Introduction to the First-Year Course: this will take place on Friday, 10 October (0th Week) at 11 a.m. in the Common Room in the basement.

Tutorials with Ms Hu will be on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons; see details online on Timetable.

History and Civilization tutorials:

The following students should meet Dr Dittmanson at 2 p.m. on Monday, 13th October in room 208:- Natalie Firth, Emma Goodliffe, Jane Huxley-Khng, Emma King, Sam Smith, Harriet Walsh.

The following students should meet with Dr Liu at 4 pm on Friday 10th October in room 108:           Marie-France Johns, Alexandra Nachescu, Alistair Renton, Rachel Tocknell

East Asian Survey Course Lectures: these will be held on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays at 4–5 (and sometimes 5–6 p.m.) in Lecture Room 1 in the Oriental Institute; see separate notice. All first-year students are required to attend lectures on China, and strongly encouraged to attend lectures on Korea, Japan, and Tibet.



Second Year (*See online Timetable for language grouping and class times)

Mengzi: Please purchase a copy of the text from the office.

Readings in Modern Chinese: please purchase a copy of YINHE 银河 (Milky Way’)

from the office. The class will be held in Wadham College, Old Seminar Room, on Tuesdays, 2.15-4 pm.

Spoken Chinese Sentence patterns, textbook and CD-Rom from the office.

Chinese History and Civilization:  please sign up for an option on the appropriate notice.

Daoist religion: Dr Chard

Historiography:  Prof Brook.

Writing and Philosophy: Dr Meyer

Period Abroad in Trinity Term:  A briefing meeting will be arranged, together with the MPhil students, on Wednesday of 4th week (5th November) at 1pm in the Common Room. Sandwiches will be available.

 Everyone MUST attend.



Third Year (*See online Timetable for language classes and tutorials)

Yangzhou shiri ji: Please purchase a copy of these from the office and prepare the first page.

Option texts (Chinese): 1st session as per Lecture List on Tuesdays 11 or 11.15.

Those wishing to start the Modern Literature option, please purchase 故乡 ‘Old country’ from the office, and start preparing.

Dr Walsh will be in touch with those who start the option on Politics and Society

Japanese/Korean/Tibetan Options will be informed.

Chinese History tutorials: please meet with Dr Dittmanson on Monday, 13th October at 9.30 a.m. in Rm 206.

Dissertations: please consult the Handbook for Undergraduates Reading Chinese on the Oriental Studies Faculty website. A meeting will be held on Wednesday of 6th week (19th November) at 4p.m.in Room 206  to discuss the requirements for the dissertation and for tutors to outline the possibilities in their fields.



Fourth Year (*See internet for details of language tutorials)

v     All 4th years are responsible for submitting the forms for approval of their dissertation subjects. These may be obtained from the ICS office, and must be submitted to Maria Devine at the Oriental Institute by Monday of 2nd week at the latest.

Dissertation tutorials: Please get in touch with your tutors in order  to arrange times for advice on your dissertations.

Special Texts and Further Readings: for Modern Literature Dr Liu will contact you; for Politics and Society please contact Dr Nie (hongping.nie@chinese.ox.ac.uk).  For Korean and Japanese please contact the relevant tutor.

Poetry: please buy a copy of the text and prepare the first two poems from the Shijing. Classes will be held with Dr Liu in Wadham on Thursdays at 2.15 pm in the Okinaga Room.








R. L. Chard