First Year Second Year Third Year Fourth Year


First Year

Introduction to the First-Year Course: this will take place on Friday, 9th October (0th Week) at 11 a.m. in Rm 205.

Tutorials with Ms Hu: See schedule on the web.

History and Civilization tutorials:  You will be contacted by Dr. Ditmanson or Dr. De Weerdt to arrange tutorials.

East Asian Survey Course Lectures: these will be held on Monday- Friday at 9am in Lecture Room 207 in the ICS; all first-year students are required to attend lectures on China, and strongly encouraged to attend lectures on Korea, Japan, and Tibet.











Second Year

Philosophical Texts: Please purchase a copy of Mengzi from the office and prepare the first few lines.

Chinese History and Civilization:  please sign up for an option on the appropriate notice. Each tutor will take a maximum of four students on a first-come first-served basis.

Philosophy: Dr Meyer

Art: Mrs Vainker

Historiography:  Ms D’Haeseleer

Period Abroad in Trinity Term:  A briefing meeting will be arranged, together with the MPhil students, on Wednesday of 4th week (November 4th) at 1 pm in the Common Room.  Everyone must attend.

Teaching materials: please acquire ‘Yin he’ (Milkyway) from the office and prepare the first page. Info for language materials











Third Year (See internet for details of language tutorials)

Option texts: please check the accompanying Option List and let Dr Newby know immediately if there are any errors.

Chinese History tutorials:  Dr De Weerdt or Dr. Newby will contact you to arrange your tutorials.

Dissertations: Please consult the Handbook for Undergraduates Reading Chinese on the Oriental Studies Faculty website. A meeting will be held on Tuesday of 5th week (10th November) at 4p.m. in Room 206 to discuss the requirements for the dissertation and for tutors to outline the possibilities in their fields.

Yangzhou shiri ji: Please purchase a copy of the text from the office and prepare the first page.













Fourth Year


v     All 4th years are responsible for submitting the forms for approval of their dissertation subjects. These may be obtained from the ICS office, and must be submitted to Maria Devine at the Oriental Institute by Monday of 2nd week at the latest.

Dissertation tutorials: Please get in touch with the tutors as listed in order  to arrange times for tutorials:

Adamson, Lara                    Dr Walsh                      Hunter, Matthew          Dr Ditmanson

Barclay, Lawrence               Dr Walsh                      Jackson, Peter              Dr Walsh

Collins, Jeremy                    Dr Scott                       Kerr, Oliver                  Dr Walsh

Davies, Sarah                      Dr De Weerdt              Lamb, Pippa                Dr Hillenbrand

Gigi, Marcelo                       Dr Ditmanson               Pennington, Clare         Prof Clunus     

Gillespie, Laura                    Dr Walsh                      Popescu, Edwina          Dr Ditmanson

                                                                               Robinson, Augustus    Dr Walsh

Special Texts and Further Readings:  Politics and Society please contact Dr Nie ( For Linguistics, Korean and Japanese please contact the relevant tutor.   

Poetry: please buy a copy of the text and prepare the vocabulary for the first two poems.