M.Phil Year 2 Translation 10MT Week 1

Chinese kids trying out U.S. summer camps discover fun for its own sake

1.   "This was pure fun. I have never played like this before," said Tan, 14, a student from Beijing. "In China our parents want us to study all the time." Schoolmate Kang Lai agreed.

2.   In the beginning, Chinese parents did not know much about America and left all the planning up to Lin.

3.   At roughly $5,000 per student, American summer camp isn't affordable for the average Chinese family. Most of the students who attend are enrolled in elite high schools in Beijing, and their parents have made it a priority to invest in their future.



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M.Phil Year 2 Translation 10 MT Week 1 Key


  1. “这真的很好玩。我从来没有这样玩过。”14岁来自北京的学生谭说,“在中国,我们的父母总是让我们学习。”(谭的)同学也同意(谭说的)。


  1. (刚)开始的时候,中国的家长/父母对美国知道得不多,所以让林来安排/计划所有的东西。


  1. 每个学生5000美元的夏令营学费,这对于普通的中国家庭来说是负担不起/了的。夏令营中/里大多数的学生都是来自北京非常好的中学的,他们的父母把其放在投资孩子未来/前途的首位/第一位。