MPhil Yr2 Sentence Translation Homework 10MT Week 2



1.      We’ve been talking about buying a house for ages, and we finally got ourselves a mortgage preapproval and a real estate agent.


2.      A couple are facing a big dilemma: Should they, the first-time homebuyers, keep renting and save up for their dream house – and risk higher prices – or get into the market now?


3.      I’m hoping for a quiet neighbourhood near my working place and at least three bedrooms, and I’m convinced that there’s nothing out there in the price range we’re looking for right now.



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MPhil Yr2 Sentence Translation Homework 10MT Week 2 (Key)


  1. 我们已经谈了很久关于“买房子”的问题了。(现在)我们终于得到了按揭贷款预准,而且/并且找了一家房屋中介公司。




  1. 一对夫妇/夫妻正面临/面对着一个两难的处境/局面/问题:作为第一次/初次买房的消费者(buyer),他们是否应该冒着房价上涨的风险,继续租房,(同时)为了他们理想的房子存钱/攒钱;还是现在就出手(买房)?





  1. 我希望买一个离我工作地方近,且比较安静的地方,至少有3个卧室。(但)我已经知道在我们可以承受/接受的价钱范畴/范围里没有这样的房。