W2 Listening exercise

要回房子有点难,但房款可能要回; 婚前赠贵重物品,最好只送使用权

Listen to the following sound file and answer the questions below.


  1. According to lawyer Mr.Huanghai from Hechuan Haian law firm, how is the possibility of getting back the property under Mr. Tao’s name?


  1. Also according to what lawyer Mr.Huanghai said, is there alternative legal way to get back the money that Mr.Tao has paid for the property?


  1. According to the lawyer Liuli from Chongqing Meijia law firm, what is a better way for couple to take when they try to give precious gifts to each other before they get married?


  1. If couple want to sign a conditional contract for giving precious gifts to each other before marriage, what do they need to make clear in the contract?


Text of the listening material

























    要回房子有点难,    但房款可能要回



    婚前赠贵重物品,    最好只送使用权


     女双方恋爱时往往喜欢互送礼物,其中不乏房子、车子、宝石饰物等贵重物品,而分手后因是否归还这类贵重礼物而起的矛盾经常发生。建议恋人互赠贵重礼物,可 以只赠使用权。比如,赠送给对方房子或车子,最好独自去购买,在户主和车主栏写自己的名字,再将房子或车子交给对方使用。还有一种方式就是签订有条件的赠 与合同,写明赠与只在恋爱关系维系期间成立,恋爱关系破裂则取消。