MPhil Yr2 Sentence Translation Homework 10MT Week4


  1. More and more Chinese people, especially the urban youth, are beginning to take up public service activities in their spare time for personal happiness.


  1. In addition, they have also done volunteer work on weekends to help others while relaxing themselves.


  1. Participants believe that by doing public services during leisure time, people can develop a more positive attitude toward life, learn to be grateful for others' help and discover how to look at the world from a new perspective.

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  1. 越来越多的中国人,特别/尤其是年轻的城市人,非常喜欢利用他们空闲的时间参加公共服务活动。



  1. 另外,他们在休闲的同时,还在周末做义工帮助别的人。

Or: 另外/除此以外,他们在自己休闲的时候,还通过做义工帮助别的人。



  1. 参加者认为通过在休息时间参加公共服务,人们可以得到一个更积极的生活态度,学会对别人的帮助表示感谢,(并且)学会从新的角度看世界。