MPhil Yr2 Sentences Translation Homework 10MT Week 5


  1. Although he speaks three foreign languages, John only started learning French and German at school until he was 15. He discovered his talent for languages in his mid-20s.


  1. In jobs such as sales, marketing or technical support, languages can open doors for you (为sb.打开一扇门), and Missen estimates a language can add between 10% and 15% to your wage.


  1. One keen (很认真的) language-partner recently told me that a Chinese friend had asked her what cheese is used for – not the sort of thing you learn in a textbook.

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The Key


  1. 虽然约翰会/可以说三门外语,但是他(直到)15岁才开始在学校学习法语和德语。他在20多岁才发现了自己的语言天赋。




  1. 在诸如销售、市场营销或者技术支持等工作里,语言能力会为你打开一扇门,Missen公司评估认为:会一门/种外语可以使你的工资增加10%15%



  1. 最近一个很认真学习的语伴告诉我,她的一个中国朋友问她“奶酪是干/做什么用的?”——这样的东西你在课本里学不到。