MPhil Yr2 Sentences Translation Homework 10MT Week6


1.        "The government will inject more funds into the project in the next five years to realize (实现) the goal," said Chang, without elaborating (详细说明).


2.        "Domestic consumption (拉动内需) will be given top priority in the next one or even two decades, and the potential of rural consumption (农村消费)will have to be fully tapped(被adv.满足)," Fang said.

Note: Please use the active voice (non-passive) to translate the first part of Sentence 2. The subject should be ‘Chinese government’.



3.        Charles Zhang, a spokesman for P&G (宝洁公司)China, told China Daily that the project is a "win-win strategy for both companies and rural consumers".


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1.      昌(先生)说:“在未来5年里/内,政府将给这个项目注入更多资金来/以实现这个目标。” 但昌先生没有详细说明。


Or:  昌(先生)说:“为了实现这个目标,在未来5年里/内,政府将给这个项目注入更多资金。” 但昌先生没有详细说明。






2.      方(先生)说:“中国政府将在未来的10年或者20年里把拉动内需放在首位。 且农村消费潜力将必须被极大满足。”






3.      宝洁公司中国发言人——查里斯 张告诉《中国日报》说:“这个项目对公司和农村消费者来说是一件双赢/互惠互利的事/策略。”