MPhil Yr2 Sentence Translation 10MT Week7


1.        In recent years, as the employment pressure has been continuously increasing, the Chinese Government has adopted many measures to curb (抑制) the sharp rise (急速上升) of urban unemployment.



2.        Among the population over the age of 16, the population with junior middle school education level and above took up ( AB…%) 61.7 percent.



3.        The problem is primarily manifested in (主要表现在) the co-existence of the contradiction (AB之间的矛盾) between workforce supply and market demand and the problem of employment structure.

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  1. 近年来,随着就业压力的不断增加,中国政府已经采取很多措施来抑制城市失业率的急速上升。






  1. 16岁以上的人群中,有初中或者初中以上学历的人(数)占总数的61.7%







  1. 这个问题主要表现在:劳动力供应和市场需求之间的矛盾与就业结构问题的共存。