Tutorial and other arrangements for undergraduates reading Chinese.

(see internet for language class arrangements)


All students

Collections (not first year):  Friday, 5th October in the Institute for Chinese Studies for all second, third, and fourth year students. See separate notice for times.

Consultative Meeting: This will be held on Thursday 22nd November (7th Week) at 4.00 pm. Please inform Dr Newby of any business by Monday 19th.

Timetables and other information for all four years will be posted on the Centre for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language website by the end of 0th Week. From the main page (www.ctcfl.ox.ac.uk/) click Student diary MT 2012 and then Timetable.


First Year         Third Year          Fourth Year



First Year

Introduction to the First-Year Course: this will take place on Friday, 5th October (0th Week) at 11 a.m. in the Language Lab.


Tutorials with Ms Hu: See schedule on the web.


East Asian Survey Course Lectures: these will be held on Monday- Friday at 9am in Lecture Room 207 in the ICS; all first-year students are required to attend lectures on China, and strongly encouraged to attend lectures on Korea, Japan, and Tibet.


East Asian Survey tutorials:

Dr Chard will contact: Brooksbank, Harvey, McDonnnell, Buchanan, Charchon.

Dr Winslett will contact: Falcon, Moore, Weaver, Tanner, Martin

Dr Meyer will contact: Henderson-Begg, McGee, Knutson, Nohre, Steiss



Third Year (*See internet for details of language tutorials)


All students should attend the Modern China lecture on Thursday at 12.


Modern China tutorials:  

Dr Newby will contact: Smith, Robinson, Powell, Jetzer

Dr Ditmanson will contact: Fuscone, Galbraith, Powell, van de Ven.


Dissertations: Please consult the Handbook for Undergraduates Reading Chinese on the Oriental Studies Faculty website. A meeting will be held on Tuesday of 5th week (6th November) at 4.00 p.m. in Room 204 to discuss the requirements for the dissertation and for tutors to outline the possibilities in their fields.



Korean: Please see class times on lecture list and contact Mr Chi.

Japanese: See lecture List. Classes on Tuesday and Wednesday at 9am with Ms Hagiwara.

Dr Winslett and Dr Newby’s options – see lecture list.




Fourth Year

Poetry: Dr Liu’s class will begin in 4th week. Please buy a copy of the text and prepare the vocabulary for the first two poems.

Society and Politics: Please see lecture list for reading class with Ms Nie.


Japanese: Please contact Ms Kaji.


Linguistics: Dr Scott will be in touch.


Literature:   Dr af Sandeberg will be in touch.




v  All 4th years are responsible for submitting the forms for approval of their dissertation subjects. These may be obtained from the ICS office, and must be submitted to Joanna Jeczalik  at the Oriental Institute by Monday of 2nd week at the latest.



Dissertation tutorials: Please get in touch with the tutors as listed in order  to arrange times for tutorials:



Winston – Dr Hillenbrand

Harris – Dr Ditmanson

Kinoshita – Dr Newby

Kirkup Dr Scott

Legarda Herranz Prof Harrison

Style – Dr Newby

Penman – Prof Harrison

Potter – Prof Harrison

Walsh – Dr Hillebrand

Weston – Prof Harrison

If you have any queries concerning these arrangements please contact Dr Newby.


L.J. Newby