Michaelmas Term 2015


Collections will take place on Friday, 9th October 2015 in the Lecture Theatre in the China Centre


Second Year (at Peking University upon arrival)

          Modern Language: T’ung and Pollard

          Classical Chinese: as instructed


Third Year:

          9am: Modern Language (1.5 hours)

          10.30am: Classical Chinese (1.5 hours)


Fourth Year:

9am: Modern Chinese (2 hours)

11am: Modern China (1 hour)

          12pm: Special Texts / Subsidiary Language

                   China and the World (essay, 1 hour)

                   Modern Literature and Film (1 hour)

Social History (1hour)

                   Subsidiary Language Japanese (1 hour)

                   Subsidiary Language Korean (1 hour)

                   Subsidiary Language Tibetan (separate arrangement)


M.Phil Second Year (at Peking University upon arrival)

          Level 1: T’ung and Pollard

          Level 2: Chinese Newspaper Reading Skills L11-17


Fourth Year Japanese students taking Subsidiary Chinese

          Modern language PCR (Volume I & II, 1.5 hours)

          Modern China (1hour)