Tutorial and other arrangements for undergraduates reading Chinese. (see internet for language class arrangements)

All students

Collections (not first year):

Friday, 7th October in the China Centre for all third and fourth year students. See separate notice for details.

Consultative Meeting:

This will be held on 23 November (7th Week) at 2.30 pm. Please inform Henrietta Harrison of any business by the end of 6th Week (18 November).


and other information for all four years will be posted on the Centre for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language website by the end of 0th Week. From the main page (www.ctcfl.ox.ac.uk/) click Student diary MT 2016 and then Timetable.

The CTCFL website is the easiest for you to use, but the most up to date information will always be found on the Oriental Institute Website under the ‘lecture list’ tab ( http://intranet.orient.ox.ac.uk/roombooker/).

First Year

Introduction to the First-Year Course:

this will take place on Friday, 7th October (0th Week) at 11 a.m. in the China Centre Language Lab.

Tutorials with Ms Hu and Ms Fang:

See schedule on the web. (http://www.ctcfl.ox.ac.uk)

Information will be provided at the induction on Friday 7 October 11 am.

East Asian Survey Course Lectures:

these will be held on Monday–Friday at 8.45 to 9.45 a.m. in Lecture Theatre 1 in the China Centre; all first-year students are required to attend lectures on China, and strongly encouraged to attend lectures on Korea, Japan, and Tibet. The schedule has been circulated and is also available on the notice board in the foyer.

East Asian Survey tutorials:

These will be taught by Prof Chard, Mr Kwong, Mr Tay and Mr Wang, with different tutors responsible for different topics. The reading lists have been circulated and the relevant tutors will contact you about arrangements.

Third Year (*See internet for details of language tutorials)

Third Year

All third-year students should attend the Modern China lecture on Thursdays at 12.

Modern China tutorials:

The reading lists have been circulated and the relevant tutors will contact you.

Professor Harrison; Dr Paul Bevan

Classical Chinese II

The text this term will be Tales of the Supernatural by Yuan Mei and Ji Yun. Copies are available from Ms Gosi and she will email it to you.


Please consult the Handbook for Undergraduates Reading Chinese on the Oriental Studies Faculty website (http://www.orinst.ox.ac.uk/undergraduate/handbook/chinese.html). A meeting will be held on Thursday 10 November (5th Week) at 1.00 pm in the Common Room to discuss the requirements for the dissertation and for tutors to outline the possibilities in their fields.



: Please contact Ms Kaji.


Please contact Professor James Benson


– see lecture list for class times

Prof Erie:

Chinese Law and Society

Prof Harrison:

China and the World

Dr Bevan:

Modern Literature and Film

Prof Meyer:

Classical tbc. Will be taught in HT and TT.

Mrs Vainker

: Chinese Painting

Fourth Year

Classical Chinese I:

You will need to choose either Early Philosophy or Early Historiography (Shi ji) for the Classical Chinese I paper. Check lecture list for class times.



: Please contact Ms Hagiwara.


Please contact Prof Lewis.


Please contact Prof Roesler

Other options

as above.


All 4th years are responsible for submitting the forms for approval of their dissertation titles. These may be obtained from the Faculty website, and must be submitted to the Senior Academic Administrator at the Oriental Institute by Monday of 2nd week at the latest.

Dissertation tutorials:

Please check the list below, and let Prof Harrison know as soon as possible if the tutors are incorrect, or missing.

Beswick, Billy Dr Bevan

Brooksbank, Nicholas Please contact Prof Harrison to discuss

Chang, Serena Prof Erie

Delaney, Molly Dr Bevan

Gray, Julian Prof Harrison

Kimmons, Alex Prof Erie

Lahaye, Aline Prof Erie

Liu, Michelle Prof Ter Haar

Mason, Laura Mrs Vainker

Mayne, Vicky Prof Harrison

Morgan, Alex Prof Heine

Munby, Leo Prof Ter Haar

Romanova, Maria Dr Bevan

Savory, Sam Prof Meyer

Shekerdemian, Nicholas Prof Harrison

Taylor, Flossie Prof Harrison

If you have any queries concerning these arrangements please contact Prof Harrison.