Third year language assignments for MT 2021

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  Prose composition Interpreting
W1 Only noisy protest makes politicians take action to avoid climate catastrophe Global warming
W2 After David Amess’s death, MPs will feel the cold shiver of vulnerability How can we defeat terrorism
W3 Young women are sick of being told to stick together and watch their drinks Drinking And Drug Problems in Our Society
W4 Our society is troubled. Beware those who blame it all on big tech Which is more trustworthy, mainstream media or bloggers?
W5 With Covid infections rising, the Tories are conducting a deadly social experiment Infectious diseases
W6 If health and education are essential services in Spain, why not housing? The poverty problems
W7 Brexit: ‘change in tone’ raises hopes of reaching Northern Ireland deal European Union
W8 UK universities told to show ambition in graduate job targets Continuing Education