Third year language assignments for MT 2022

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  Prose composition Interpreting
W1 Now we know for sure that big tech peddles despair, we must protect ourselves Young People's Gadgets
W2 From brown bears to grey wolves, Europe’s persecuted carnivores are bouncing back Wildlife Conservation
W3 Tories on their knees – and here comes Boris Johnson. Dear reader, look away The UK Election
W4 Even Shell can see it is earning too much from this crisis – the energy market needs a profits cap The poverty problems
W5 Queer families are teaching us there are many ways to be a mother Gay and lesbian rights
W6 Trump’s march back to power has faltered. Now comes the real challenge for the global left The US Election
W7 It shouldn’t be down to John Lewis’s Christmas ad to stand up for children in care Festivals
W8 How Chinese media have – and haven’t – covered widespread protests against zero-Covid Infectious diseases