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3rd Year Reading Comprehension Week 2 TT06

Topic: Why British universities must attract more students from overseas

Please read the article and answer the questions below. Your work must be completed within 45 mints.

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留学生幼稚 别怪文化差异

  1. Why does the author think that Chinese students are not mature enough comparing to British students?

  2. According to the author, what sort of problems will the Chinese students cause if they cry in class?

  3. How do English parents teach their children to behave in public? Give examples.

  4. Describe the event when the author went to stay with a film producer in Manchester.

  5. What Chinese words are used in the article that indicate the meanings below?

Dependence, unbearable, ridicule, awkward, young and ignorant, act as if nothing were on one's mind