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3rd Year Reading Comprehension Week 5 TT06

Topic:   China’s One Child Policy              

Please read the article and answer the questions below. Your work must be completed within 45 mints.

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  1. What will be the expected outcome of the "One Child Policy" in over 30 years time?

  2. What are the methods that are used by the Chinese government to control the population problem?

  3. Describe the meaning of "黑孩子" and give an example.

  4. What is the common social problem that can affect the population control policies in Asian countries?

  5. Write down the Pinyin and the Chinese characters for the following words taken  from the article.

unique, expand, so far, highly effective, imply, claim, surgical operation, particularly, punishment, in the train of ..., household register, implication, have no one to depend on ,