M.Phil Year 2 Translation 06TT Week 3

China is simply too busy getting rich

to worry about democracy

1.  Imagine 20 Britains. Imagine 100 Londons. Now you are beginning to get the idea about China, where more than a fifth of the human race resides.

2.  The biggest economic transformation of all time is currently being achieved by card-carrying Communists, who show no sign of relinquishing their monopoly on power.

3.  The experts insist that there can't be a Chinese financial crisis because the People's Bank of China has accumulated such vast quantities of dollars in the past few years.

4.  With the help of Google I was able to call up numerous articles on "corruption in China" from sources all over the world.

5.  I encountered the very opposite. People are keen to talk. If they are not pressing harder for political change, it is simply because they are too busy trying to make money.