**Want to work with OXCIA?**

OXCIA is a society devoted to the promotion of Chinese culture and affairs,
open to students of all nationalities. As its very first year of existence
draws to a close, we can look back to our achievements with pride yet also
recognize the enormous potential that OXCIA has to further develop. And now,
we are looking for people to join us and take charge of this society in the
next academic year!

We are looking for people who:
~Have an interest in Chinese culture, its language and/or its affairs in
~Are motivated and dynamic
~Are flexible and ready to cooperate with others.
Both Chinese and non-Chinese students are very welcome!

Interested parties please email us at info.oxcia@gmail.com with a brief CV and
tell us about your interest in Chinese affairs and what you can bring to the
society.  We will conduct a short informal interview to those shortlisted.

Hope to hear from you soon!

The OXCIA Team