framework 框架kuang4jia4
ultimatum 最后通牒die2
to seek authority 寻求授权
cannot help 无能为力
(war) to occur 开战
to inform 通报
position 立场
reaction 反应
sanctuary 避难所
to withdraw 撤出che4chu1
担忧 worried
不安 upset; disturbed
立场 position
强烈呼吁 to strongly call on
抱希望 to place hope
安理会 the Security Council
一致通过决议 to unanimously adopt a resolution
主导作用 leading role
一触即发yi1chu4ji2fa1 may be triggered at any time
从...的角度考虑 to consider from ...perspective
人道主义 humanitarianism
全面履lu3xing2行决议 to carry out the solution in an all-round manner
鉴于jian4yu2...局势 in view of ... situation
出于...考虑 in consideration of...
暂时zan4shi2 temporarily