one-child-for-one-couple 一对夫妻一个孩
childbearing age 生育年龄
family planning 计划生育
gender 性别
to empower... 带给...权利
urbanization 城市化
challenge 挑战
to follow...over an extended period of time 长期对...进行跟踪gen1zong1
庞大的(社会群体) huge; enormous
权威 authoritative
调整(比例) to regulate
城镇 cities and towns
减缓(老龄化) to slow down
微小的 small; little
基本国策 basic state policy
现象 phenomenon
生活状况 living condition
重男轻女 to regard men as superior to women
竞争 to compete
缓慢 slow
保持联系 to keep in touch
跟踪调查 follow-up survey