enrolment in higher education 高校招生
mass higher education movement 普及高等教育;群众性高等教育
to follow 追随
model 模式
prevalent 流行的;常见的
to be ready for ... 适应...
to absorb 吸纳xi1na4
to not to keep up 满足不了/适应不了(需求)
to be admitted to universities 考上大学
score 分数
teaching resources 教学资源
qualified teachers 师资力量
推出(政策) to put forward
推进(增长) to push on; to carry forward
缓解(压力) to ease up; to alleviate
取决于 to be decided by; to depend on
普及 to popularize
社会效益 benefit to the society
盲目 blindly
日益 increasingly; day by day
迫使 to force
面临...选择 to face a choice
弃学 to give up education
specified number or amount; quota
大笔(投资、生意、储蓄chu3xu4 savings) a big sum of
社会隔离ge2li2 social isolation
和谐社会 harmonious society