Composition Assignments 09TT


Please choose at least two of the following topics (one from the past paper and one new) and write a composition no less than 250 characters each


Deadline - the end of W3 and W6 09TT


Past Paper




1 The prospects for American withdrawal from Iraq


2 The positive and negative influences of the football World Cup


3 What the developed world can do to help the developing world




1 The implications of tensions between China and Japan


2 Why does Chinese education system put so much pressure on the children?


3 Do you agree or disagree with the concept of a single unified China?


New Topics


1 China' s role in the current economic crisis


2 The relationship between China and France


3 Pirate threat to the world


4 The grey population issue in China


5 Does beauty matter? (As Wilde said 'It is better to be beautiful than to be good, but it is better to be good than to be ugly')