MPhil Year 2 Sentence Translation 11TT Week 1


1.        There is consensus among people from different walks of life that old buildings from different historical periods should be protected to keep the cultural and historical continuity of a place.


2.        By the end of 2009, the government had invested 13 billion Yuan in switching from coal to electricity in 160,000 households(住户).


3.        Real estate development swept its way across the country in the past two decades. The interest of real estate developers and local economic growth rate became a priority(首要考虑) in urban planning.

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The key

  1. 很多来自不同背景的人都认同,应该保护不同历史时期的古建筑,这样可以保持一个地方的文化、历史延续性。




  1. /2009年底,政府已经投资130亿元以/用于完成160000住户的“煤改电”工程。




  1. 在过去20年里,房地产在国内发展越来越快。房地产开发商的利益和当地经济增长率成为城市规划的首要考虑。