MPhil Year 2 Sentence Translation 11TT Week 2


  1. The government makes solving environmental issues a priority (把放在第一位/首位)in its urban planning. The country wishes to become the greenest and cleanest country in the world.



  1. The house price in Beijing is still very high and is not going to drop in the near future. Therefore, many buyers are convinced (确信) that they cannot afford to buy their ideal (理想的)house at the moment.




  1. The local companies should realize (意识到)that they should seriously deal with (处理)the environmental problems they made like pollution(环境污染), acid rain (酸雨)and contaminated rivers(被污染的河流).



Note: the underlined phrases are the ones you NEED to remember by heart!

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The Key

  1. 政府在城市规划中把解决环境问题放在第一位/首位。该国希望成为世界上最干净,最绿色的国家。


  1. 北京的房价还是很高,并且在近期内不会下降。因此,很多消费者确信他们现在买不起他们理想的房子。


  1. 本地公司应该意识到它们应该认真地处理它们自己造成的环境问题,比如:环境污染、酸雨和被污染的河流。