MPhil Year 2 Sentence Translation 11TT Week 3



  1. Average temperatures could increase by as much as 12 degrees Fahrenheit by the end of the century if emissions continue to raise, a figure that would easily make the world virtually(几乎/简直) uninhabitable for humans.



  1. More than 10,000 students participated in all sorts of voluntary activities(志愿者活动). During the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Moreover, they all developed a more positive attitude toward life after that.



  1. People say learning a language can open doors (为打开一扇门)for you in seeking jobs like marketing, sales or editing. Therefore, many young graduates go to language schools to have extra language training.

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  1. 如果(二氧化碳)的排放量继续上升/升高,到本世纪末全球平均气温会升高12华氏度。这个温度对全人类来说几乎是不适合居住的。



  1. 在北京2008年奥运会期间,有上万名学生参加了各种各样的志愿者活动。并且在此之后,他们都培养了更积极的人生态度。



  1. 人们说,学好外语可以为能找到市场营销、销售或者编辑等的工作打开一扇门。因此,很多年轻的毕业生去语言学校上外语补习课。