MPhil Year 2 Sentence Translation 11TT Week 4

  1. Throughout the May 1st Golden Week period, almost all the shopping malls in China have large-scale promotion activities(大型促销活动). Many people want to use this opportunity to buy things for the entire family.


  1. The government will inject more funds into the project in the next five years to realize (实现) the goal. However, the local residents are very much against the implementation of the project.


  1. Signs of a domestic consumption boost(拉动内需)are apparent as people are spending more on domestic commodities, export falls, and the government plans for more consumption stimulus.

Note: the underlined words are the ones you NEED to remember by heart.

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The key

  1. 在整个“五一黄金周”期间,在中国,几乎所有的购物中心都有大型促销活动。很多人也想趁着这个机会为整个家庭买东西。


  1. 在未来的五年里,政府会给这个项目注入更多的资金以实现他们的目标。但是,当地居民非常反对这个项目的实施。


  1. 拉动内需的迹象非常明显/显著:人民更(愿意)花钱买国货,出口下降,政府制定出更多的刺激消费的政策/计划。