MPhil Year 2 Sentence Translation 11TT Week 6

  1. Along with (随着)the fast development of the media industry in China, there are more and more Chinese film companies having started making Chinese movies about Qing Dynasty.


  1. The project is a new international, graduate-level research project which is established to drive innovation (促进的革新) in science and technology and to support world-class research in areas such as energy and the environment.


  1. There is no change in the policy of "peaceful reunification and one country, two systems" (和平统一,一国两制) nor is there any change in the eight-point proposition put forward by President Jiang Zemin.

Note: the underlined word are the ones you NEED to remember by heart.

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The key

  1. 随着中国传媒产业的快速发展,越来越多的电影公司开始制作清朝题材的电影。
  1. 这个项目是一个崭新的国际化的研究生项目。它的建设是用来促进科技的革新,并且支持诸如能源、环境等方面的世界级研究。


  1. “和平统一,一国两制”的政策没有变,并且由江泽民主席提出的“八点意见/方针/主张”也没有变。