MPhil Year 2 Sentence Translation 11TT Week 7


  1. Our partners work with tens of thousands of parents and families throughout Scotland. We use our partners' knowledge and experience of working with families to inform decision-makers(政策制定者) about what matters to parents and families.



  1. Renewable energy resources(可再生资源), such as wind, solar and hydropower, offer clean alternatives to fossil fuels. They produce little or no pollution or greenhouse gases, and they will never run out.



  1. Music producer Martin Rushent, who worked with bands including the Human League and the Stranglers, dies aged 63.


Note: the underlined words are the ones you NEED to remember.

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The key

  1. 我们的合作伙伴在整个苏格兰与上万名家长、家庭合作。我们用我们合作伙伴的知识和经验告诉政策制定者什么东西对于家长和家庭来说是最重要的。



  1. 诸如风能、太阳能、水能等的可再生能源,可以提供比化石燃料清洁的(能源)选择。它们不污染环境,也不排放温室气体,并且他们用之不竭。


  1. Martin Rushent是一个音乐制作人,曾和Human LeaugeStranglers等乐队合作过。Martin Rushent 63岁逝世。