Third year language assignments for TT 2012


  Readings Prose translation Listening comprehension Interpreting
W 1   iPad shoulder becomes the latest modern life affliction   Young People's Gadgets
W 2   William Hague orders Foreign Office review over Neil Heywood case   China's president Hu Jintao visits the States
W 3  

Heathrow to raise landing fees to pay for more border staff

  Holidays and tourism in China.
W 4  

What's wrong with education? Teachers reveal all

  Shall Pinyin be used to replace characters?
W 5 Olympian Madmen   2008 Olympics
W 6  

People in the Sahel region need food and water now

  Food Price
W 7   "HULK SMASH GM" - mixing angry Greens with bad science   GM Food
W 8  

Chinese censors act to silence Tiananmen anniversary talk

  An interview