Trinity Term 2012


Tutorial and Other arrangements for Chinese


All students


Language timetables and other information for all years are on the Centre for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language website (, under ‘Student Diary’.


The Consultative meeting has been scheduled for Thursday of 7th Week (7th June) at 2.30 p.m.  Anyone with items of business should notify Dr Meyer one week in advance.



 Fourth year


Revision classes: Students should contact the relevant teachers to arrange revision sessions. History revision will be arranged for later in the term.



Poetry revision

See email from Ms Gosi.


Third year


History tutorials

You will be contacted by your tutor for the term: Dr Newby or Mr Kyle Haddad-Fonda.



There will be a meeting for all students to give a brief presentation on the topic of their dissertation on Tuesday of 6th Week (29th May) at 3 pm to 5pm. All students must attend. A schedule of presentations will be posted later in the term. Please contact Dr Meyer immediately if you have not yet identified a supervisor.


Options and Special Subjects: Please contact the relevant tutor.


First Year


There will be a final Beida briefing meeting in 6th week on Wednesday May 30th at 1pm, followed by a discussion about 3rd year options. All students must attend.



Location: ICS. Date:  Friday (8th week) 13th June. Timetable to be announced.


Written papers:

Location: Schools. Date: These usually take place on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of  9th week. The confirmed timetable will be posted as soon as it is received from Schools.


LJN  18.5.12