Third year language assignments for TT 2015


  Interpreting Prose translation
W 1 The poverty problems Forget the ‘war on smuggling’, we need to be helping refugees in need
W 2 The US Election

In the chaos of coalition, the best storyteller will win

W 3 Young People's Gadgets Peak tablet: How will Apple sell even more iPads?
W 4 Healthy living It’s not a dadbod – it’s an act of rock’n’roll dietary rebellion
W 5 Generation Gap Spoilt little emperors? Only children aren’t just normal, they are the future
W 6 Corruption in China A hero of the Fifa corruption exposé – step forward the British press
W 7 The Teaching of Mandarin Mind your English language
W 8 Recycling Waste not, want not: how the rubbish industry learned to look beyond landfill