Trinity Term 2016

Friday, 22 April 2016


Collections will take place in Lecture Theatre at the China Centre at the following times unless specified.


First Year

9am: Modern Chinese (PCR, Lessons 1-40, 1.5 hours)

10.30am: Classical Chinese (as instructed, 1.5 hours)

12pm: History and Civilization (1 hour)


Third Year

9am: Modern Language (1.5 hours)

10.30am: Classical Set Texts (1 hour)

11.30am: Options

 China and the World (Translation and Comments, 1 hour)

Modern Literature and Film (1 hour)

Myth of the Confucian Classics in the Warring State Period (1 hour)

Subsidiary Language Japanese (1 hour)

Subsidiary Language Classical Japanese (1 hour)

Subsidiary Language Korean (1 hour)


M.Phil First Year Level 1

9am: Modern Chinese (PCR, Lessons 1-40, 1.5 hours)


M.Phil First Year Level 2

9am: Modern Chinese (PCR up to L45 and Newspaper Reading Skills L1-6, 1.5 hours)


Japanese Final Year Modern Chinese (separate arrangement)