Third year language assignments for TT 2019


  Interpreting Prose translation
W 1 How can we defeat terrorism 'World reacts to New Zealand's new gun laws after Christchurch terror attacks
W 2 Saving Energy for the World 737 MAX
W 3 An interview Interview with Pai Hsien-yung on the Revitalisation of Traditional Chinese Culture
W 4 Credit Crunch A Trade War Fuelled by Technology
W 5 Vegetarianism No wonder Jamie’s went bust: Brits have lost their appetite for samey chains
W 6 Shall Pinyin be used to replace characters? ICYMI, English language is changing faster than ever, says expert
W 7 Drinking And Drug Problems in Our Society  Michael Gove confesses to taking cocaine when he was younger
W 8 Aid to the Third World Oxfam failed horribly on abuse. But I pledge to deliver radical change