GM Food 转基因食品

A representative from Greenpeace Britain Mr Smith is interviewing Mr Wang, a Chinese government spokesman, about the dealing of GM food in China. You are their interpreter.

S: Despite the unsettled debate over the GM food, we cannot avoid this kind of food in the market now. What is Chinese government’s attitude toward this in general?

W: 我国政府还没有投资研究和制造这一类的食品。我们的转基因食品基本上是进口的, 这些产品主要有大豆油菜玉米等。由于人们对转基因生物的危险性无法预见,我们认为必须采取一系列严格措施,保障人类和环境的安全。

S: The British government is considering forcing biotech companies to use "DNA bar coding" to identify genetically modified organisms. I guess you must have your specific regulations in this area?

W: 对,我国在199611月正式公布实施了《农业生物基因工程安全管理实施办法》;今年320日,我国已经开始正式实施对转基因食品进行贴标签的管理办法。

S: But the story I have heard is that GM food are only labeled in supermarkets found in larger cities, such as in Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou. Most people don’t even know when they are eating GM food.

W: 我们在加强管理的同时,也在加强这方面的宣传。我们既关心风险,也同时关心这项新技术带来的好处。

S: You just mentioned importation of GM food. In view of the rapid growth in global trading of GM food, has the government set up any regulations in that respect to protect local consumers?

W: 中国目前还没有相关的法律,但是有关的科研准备工作已经展开,转基因动物植物食品检验研究是国家出入境管理局的工作重点