3rd Year Week 8 HT04

Topic: Public transport

Translate the following passages (of 196 words) into Chinese.

Central London congestion charging

Since congestion charging in central London began in February 2003, the scheme has reduced traffic delays inside the zone by around 30% with little or no adverse impact on traffic conditions outside the zone. A large proportion of former drivers are now travelling to central London by public transport. As a result, traffic conditions have improved and drivers and bus passengers are spending less time in queues. Daily journeys to and from the charging zone are quicker and more reliable. In a recent survey of Londoners, 70% thought that the congestion charging scheme had eased traffic congestion.

In addition, the current scheme is generating almost £70 million of extra money this year, which must by law be spent on improving London’s transport system. The scheme is expected to generate £80-90 million per year in subsequent years which will be devoted exclusively to improving transport in the capital.

Given the success of the congestion charging scheme in reducing congestion in central London, the Mayor asked Transport for London to consider ways in which the benefits could be extended to further areas of central London to include most of Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster.