4th year Interpreting exercises M/T W7


Topic: Preventing infectious diseases


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You have been asked to translate the following dialogue.




As you know, there are still many infectious diseases around especially in the spring in the most populated areas such as Shanghai.  // It is vital that we carry out thorough  preventative work.  The most common diseases are hepatitis A and meningitis. 




Our work stresses education, and makes sure that everyone knows how to prevent diseases. // We provide appropriate preventative medicines to schools and local communities.



According to our official statistics there are hardly any Aids cases here. // Our work concentrates on stopping the Aids virus getting into this area.


We don’t have drug taking problems in this area.  // The other way of getting Aids is through sexual intercourse, but prostitution at least is under firm control here.


Of course we can’t guarantee that, but one thing I can tell you for sure is that we never import any blood from other countries in this case the risk is small.  // We do check the blood before we use it.


Hepatitis B  and C patients are under firm control.  // We don’t encourage the patients to have children.  // I must admit that there are many cases of whole families carrying the virus.  // Their family life is horrible especially for the children.