4th year Interpreting exercises M/T W2


Topic: One Child Policy


Click on for sound.

You have been asked to act as an interpreter for the following conversation.

听说在这个地区内所有的年轻夫妇最多都只有一个孩子。// 您能不能证实一下这条消息。

Yes, every young family aged under 35 has one child only.

请您给我详细地讲解一下你们到底是怎么作的工作来说服所有的年轻夫妇   的?

Our neighbourhood committees work very thoroughly.  We make sure that every young couple uses contraceptives.  // Their work units also have various rules and regulations to control the young couples.


Usually the work units encourage the young couples to have one child by providing them with better facilities and a larger bonus.

那么如果万一有的妇女不小心怀孕了,你们是否会说服她做人工流产?// 你们这个地区的打胎率是多少?

The abortion rate isn’t high here, it’s only 6%.  We believe that if we work thoroughly enough the rate can be reduced even further.  // We usually persuade the young women to be sterilized after they have had one child.


We never force people to do anything.  // We can persuade them by doing through ideological work and carefully explaining the importance of the ‘one child’ policy.