Listening Assignment

Please listen and answer the questions below

1.      According to the text, why is TV a bad thing?
2.      Why does the speaker think that there should be a word in Chinese for ‘couch potatoes’?
3.      What is good about watching TV?
4.      Why is internet a problem too? 

Written Assignment

Please translate the following sentences using the 把 structure

1. I have written your recommendation letter.
2. Has he brought the new TV to your home? 
3. Do you know that he gave the sports programme that you were to do to another person?
4. How long ago did you bought all we need?
5. In order to become a good chef, he practice cooking many many times.
















New words

pò huài 破坏 to damage
dòu 土豆 potato
shì jiè 世界 the world
zhī shí 知识 knowledge
fēn xiǎng 分享 to share
làng fèi 浪费 to waste
fāng biàn 方便 convenience; convenient