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The relevant officials in mainland China yesterday reacted very strongly on the comment of “Two Chinas”, which had been made by Wu Anjia, the Taiwanese Deputy Director of the Mainland Affairs Office. Chen Yunlin, The Director of the Taiwanese Affair Office (TAO) of the State Council on the mainland said that this had made serious damage to the relation between the two sides. Tang Shubei, the Vice President of the Chinese Mainland Association for Taiwan Straits Negotiation said that Wu’s comment reflected the Taiwanese Authorities’ real intention.

This afternoon the Taiwanese New Party delegation met Mr. Chen the Director of the TAO and spent a hour and half talking to him. This was first time face-to-face communication between the two sides’ high level officials. According to Feng Huxiang the member of the Taiwanese delegation, Chen Yunlin clearly expressed his view on the theory of “Two Chinas”. Chen said that although Mr. Wu later made an additional explanation on his comment of “Two Chinas”, it was still not good enough. We were not at all satisfied with the situation. The damaged had been done! He went on saying: “One China” is the foundation of the relationship between the two sides, without this there will be no relationship! We demand a clear explanation from the Taiwanese authorities, and moreover, we will continue to watch very closely the Taiwanese authorities’ policies towards mainland.”