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Click the following link to listen some disyllabic Chinese expressions. Write down the words in pinyin. You can check the answers by clicking here.



Reading and writing

Translate the following dialogues into English.


A: nǐ jiā yǒu shénme rén


      么 人?

B: bàb

a   māma  mèimei hé wǒ


爸爸、妈 妈、妹 妹 和 我。


A: nǐ jiā yǒu jǐ  kǒu rén



B: wǒ jiā wǔ kǒu rén b

àba   māma jiějie gēge hé wǒ nǐ jiā ne


        人,爸爸、妈妈、姐姐、 哥哥 和我。你  呢?

Translate the following sentences into Chinese.

1. May I ask, what’s your name?

2. Where are you going?

3. Which one do you want?

4. I am a Chinese. He is a British.

5. When do you go to Beijing?

Translate the following dialogue into Chinese.

A: Hello.

B: Hello.

A: Who is that?

B: That is my spouse.

A: What is his name?

B: He is called Wei.

A: Where are you going?

B: We are going to the shops.

A: Oh, are you going to China?

B: Yes.

A: When are you going to China?

B: I don't know.