Please read the following dialogue and answer the questions: (you can also click the sentences to listen)

 - 请问,谁是Tom?

 - 我是。您有什么事?

 - 我要问问你知道不知道这个饭店多少钱?

 - 你要买 (mǎi-to buy) 吗?

 - (duì- correct)

 - 我们有两个饭店,一个叫北京 (běi jīnɡ) 饭店,一个叫上海 (shànɡ hǎi) 饭店。你喜欢

(xǐ huɑn - to like) 哪个?

 - 我不知道。

 - 这个北京饭店不贵(guì- expensive),那个上海饭店好。

 - 我想想 (xiǎng-to think)


1 Can you guess what Tom does from the context?

2 What does the first speaker intend to do? Has he/she done it after the dialogue and why?



New Words

所以 suó yǐ - therefore

cài - meal

xué - to study

xiǎo - small

- big

zhǐ - only

Please listen to the paragraph and answer the following questions:



1. What is her name? Where is she from?

2. How many people are there in her family? Who are they?

3. What does her family do?

4. Could you guess how old she is from the information given?

5. How many people are there in her class?


1. Could you retell the story in the Listening?

2. Could you talk about your family?