Multimedia Spoken Chinese 中 级 多 媒 体 汉 语

Lesson One Listening comprehension                                                       

Place the mouse on "Answer" to view the answers and click on "Answer" to hear the relevant passage spoken. Click here to view the text.


  1. How long has Gubo been Bili's friend?     Answer

  2. Where did Bili go in the summer?    Answer

  3. When will Gubo go to China?    Answer

  4. Describe the Imperial Palace in Beijing.    Answer

  5. Where in China does Bili recommend Gubo should study Chinese Art?    Answer

  6. Describe the differences between China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.    Answer

  7. What should one be careful of when travelling in China?    Answer

  8. Why didn't the customs officers let Bili leave the country?    Answer