Mr Kan's 1st year language tutorial materials

 Weeks 2-8, MT 2021

Translate the following into Chinese


1.      I don’t have a Chinese car.

2.      I’ll give you a Chinese car.

3.      Chinese cigarettes are not nice to smoke.

4.      People in this country don’t welcome Chinese.

5.      Please come in and have a look at this map.

6.      My Chinese teachers don’t drink Chinese tea.

7.      What are you looking at?

8.      Who is your doctor?

9.      Some of my friends aren’t busy.

10.  All the Chinese teachers are very polite


1.      I’m staying on the second floor of the students’ dorm in the Foreign Language Institute.

2.      I don’t like going to the college by car.

3.      All the Chinese foreign students like coming here to read the Chinese Pictorials.

4.      Books in China aren’t very expensive.

5.      There are many Chinese characters in this dictionary. I don’t use Chinese dictionary.  Could you please have a look?

6.      Excuses me, could you please tell me which floor and which room the doctor is staying?

7.      You can use those Chinese books and no need to return to me.

8.      He came into the dorm and asked me, “Can I smoke here?”

9.      My surname isn’t Wang, Mr Wang isn’t here. You (should) go to his college to ask.

10.  He is very polite and he has invited me for tea.


1.       Mr Wang introduced me to a very good Chinese book.

2.       I don’t use pens to write anymore.

3.       I told the child who lived in the student dorm not to be homesick.

4.       I bought a Chinese map in the bookshop.

5.       There are many people in the bank.

6.       I met three Chinese overseas students at your college.

7.       What are you doing in the shop?

8.       Mr Wang, our grammar teacher often comes here to drink Chines tea.

9.       I don’t want to do the job that I am doing now.

10.    Where can I buy some paper? You don’t have to buy it and I can give you some.


1.       A: I think that you teach Grammar very well. B: Not at all. You do it much better.

2.       I would like to buy a Chinese magazine in that bookshop next to the library.

3.       I would like to wear a green Chinese shirt, as I will be going out to see a Peking Opera with my teacher.

4.       Can I come to your place for supper after the class?

5.       I don’t go to bed until 12:30 every evening.

6.       I can wait for you at the reading room where Ding Yun often goes to read Chinese Pictorials.

7.       I don’t like watching a film with him.

8.       How many Chinese characters can you recognise so far?

9.       Can you lend me your dictionary, as I don’t know how to use the dictionaries in the reading room?

10.   This Cafe is too old and shabby.



1.       When I was having a rest at the home, I heard someone singing Chinese folk songs outside.

2.       I didn’t like the concert that I went to listen to at the College Concert Hall last night.

3.       When I was eating in the canteen at lunchtime, I saw Mr Wang, who teaches us spoken Chinese coming in with his English girlfriend.

4.       Every morning, after getting up at 6, I listen to Chinese classical music.

5.       Xiao Wang went to his college singing this afternoon.

6.       I don’t like you smoking when you are eating.

7.       When I went to Mr Ding’s place to ask some grammar questions he was sleeping in his room.

8.       The waiter gave me a glass of beer instead of orange juice. Could you please ask him to come over here?

9.       We have many types of tea here: Chinese green tea, jasmine tea and English black tea. What would you like to drink?

10.   The tea in the canteen is too expensive. I’m going to the teahouse round corner.


1.       I’ve never seen such beautiful flowers that Mr Wang gave to Palanka for her birthday last Sunday.

2.       I had tutorials every week last year, but I don’t have it anymore.

3.       I wanted to go to China to visit my Chinese teacher last May, but I couldn’t get a cheap ticket, so I didn’t go.

4.       Yesterday my classmate asked me to have supper in the French restaurant that is next to the library, but on my way there, I met a friend whom I hadn’t seen for years. Therefore, three of us had supper together.

5.       I’ve never been to a dance. Is it interesting? What kind of clothes should I wear?

6.       No one is very happy today, as that good-looking young student who worked in the canteen has gone missing.

7.       After I opened door, I saw a Japanese man driving away your new car.


1.       You can use phone on the desk in my father’s study, which is next to the sitting room.

2.       Look! Books are everywhere! Could you please tidy up the dining room now, as there will be ten people coming for supper this evening?

3.       The restaurant that was opposite the library has disappeared.

4.       The kitchen is too small. It’s not big enough for so many people who do the cooking here every day.

5.       I don’t think that Miss Ding is coming back tonight. After having a bath, she went out to the ball with Gubo.

6.       We were thinking of visiting the big TV factory outside Beijing tomorrow, but my younger brother has taken my car, so we won’t be going there.

7.       I will be fetching Palanka from her dorm by car immediately after lunch. Would you like to come with me?