Mr Kan's 1st year language tutorial materials

Weeks 1-8 HT2023


1.       I ate the ham that Mr Ding made in the countryside last year, but I did not like it.

2.       Mr Wang had too much cheese last night, and he did not feel well this morning, so he could not teach us today.

3.       The bus that we took for the Great Wall last week, turned over by the river this morning.

4.       Did Luxun use many Chinese idioms in his novels?

5.       It is difficult to translate Chinese idioms into English.

6.       We should talk more about Chinese literature, but not just Chinese newspaper language.

7.       Just two of us, I think two bottles of red wine should be enough.

8.       I only got hold of that book, after going to the bookshop many times.  


1.       Nowadays it only takes 24 hours for the Embassy to issue you a Chinese visa, but you have to go there in person very early in the morning.

2.       We still have 40 minutes before the football match starting. Should we go to the bar round corner to have some wine first?

3.       Counsellor Li proposed a toast to good health of all the guests who came to the reception, so he drank too much and was unable to walk upstairs to watch the Chinese film with Mr and Mrs Brown.

4.        It was too far for Mr Brown to walk from home to the football pitch. Could you please call a taxi for him?

5.       As Beijing’s winter was very cold, Palanka bought Gubo a beautiful green hat and taught him to skate yesterday afternoon.

6.       This morning I saw the Chinese referee went to the football pitch carrying two large suitcases.

7.       Could you please very gently put the ice skates that I bought yesterday on the ice for me?

8.       Ice is everywhere. I could ice skate from here to your place and it would only take me about ten munities to get there.


1.       I can never swim faster than Gubo, as he is my trainer.

2.       I don’t like drinking Maotai as much as you do.

3.       From here to the reading room is further away than to the library.

4.       Your mother misses you much more than you miss her.

5.       Chinese people are more friendly than English people

6.       Xiao Wang is very sad, as he has forgotten to bring his present to Ding Yun.

7.       My classmates have made much more progress than I have, as they are more diligent than me,

8.       Ding Yun is crying, as she is not willing to part with Gubo.

9.       Gubo doesn’t study as hard as his girlfriend, as he thinks that he is better than any of his classmates.

10.   Mr Brown used less time to drive Ding Yun to her dorm than Mrs Brown did the other day.

11.   Our university football team has won more matches than your university, because they have practised much harder.

12.   China’s summer is hotter than Britain’s, yet its winter is much colder.

13.   She looks much more like her mother than her sister does.

14.   He does his research more thoroughly than you do. Why don’t you ask him for help you?


1.    We should send our students to the countryside to learn from the peasants for two years before going to universities.

2.    I hope China will achieve the Four Modernisations in the next five years.

3.    Could you please bring the TV out of your bedroom and put it in the kitchen, so that I could watch the football match while I’m cooking your supper?

4.    I delivered the letter that you wrote yesterday to Mr Wang this morning.

5.    As our clinic does not have X-ray machine, could you please ask Mr Ding to send us one?

6.    Could you please take Gubo to the college clinic, as he needs a medical check-up?

7.    As my eyesight is poor, could you please read the words out for me?


1.       Don’t bring the plum blossoms inside, as these plants can survive in the cold wind and snow.

2.       I forgot to send these postcards to my family in China yesterday. If you go to the post office, could you please post these cards for me?

3.       After the shop assistant had put the stamps on the counter, he pointed at the one that was of Summer Palace and said, “You should get that one.”

4.       The post office door is shut, so we can't get in.

5.       Don’t leave the windows open. It’s too cold outside.

6.       Could you see the writings on the sign that is hanging on the wall next to the window?

7.       I don’t have any envelopes at home. If you go to the shops, could you please buy a few for me? I have to send all the letters to Nanjing this afternoon.

8.       The wind has blown my hat onto the top of the tree. Could you please fetch it for me?

9.       Ding Yun’s house is the one that has the some red leaves hanging on the front door.

10.   Mr Wang has sent his wife some unopened Chinese plum blossoms for her birthday.



1.       The money that I earned over the summer holiday has been spend on some nice clothes by my daughter.

2.       As Gubo’s hat has been blown onto the top of the tree, he asked Palanka to fetch it for him.

3.       I made use of the time when I was in China to teach children to play football.

4.       The quality of Chinese cigarettes are much better than the British ones. Would you like to try one?

5.       This piece of Chinese porcelain was much better made than the one that was made in Britain.

6.       The painting that was painted by Qi Baishi is much cheaper than the one that was painted by the French artist. 

7.       Since the liberation, China has developed agriculture productivities.

8.       I’ve heard that the thin porcelain tea sets in the Department Store were sold out yesterday. You won’t get anything if you go there now.

9.       All the dishes on the table have been eaten, but there are plenty of Chinese wine left on the table.

10.   Palanka has put the porcelain tea set that Gubo bought for her in the shop on the table to show her guests who have come to her birthday party.

11.   The two bottles of Maotai in the kitchen were not drunk by myself, they were drunk by all my classmates.

12.   The sitting room was tidied up very well, but the bedrooms are still as chaotic as before.



1.       It was Gubo, who asked Palanka to buy the Chinese silk cover padded jacket.

2.       The more you ride the bike the more likely it will break. Why don’t you just leave it at home?

3.       As long as you bring enough money with you, you will find a well-fitted shirt in this shop.

4.       Apart from the bikes that parked next to the front door of Beijing Department Store, you can borrow any one.

5.       If I change the bus at next stop, will I be able to go back to the stop that I missed?

6.       Although you gave me the change after I had bought that book of Chinese idioms, you gave me the wrong change.

7.       As soon as I had heard that Palanka was hospitalised, I ran here as quickly as I could. The doctor told me that she was knocked off from her bike by a trolleybus.

8.       I’ve looked everywhere, but I can’t find my Mao suit. Did you washed it for me?

9.       Yes, I did, but it is not dried yet.  Apart from the suit I’ve put everything else on your bed in your room.

10.   I’ve said everything. Now you should put your views on the table too.



1.   Before the exams, Gubo was so busy that he did not have any time to participate in the college football matches.

2.   China does not have elections that are like the ones in Britain, they do not even have elections at the local level.

3.   It does not matter how hard I have tried to practise, I still cannot break the college record that was created by Zhang Huaguang three years ago. It is really annoying.

4.   On the college sports day, Mr Li conscientiously performed Taichi on the platform on his own, but after he had finished, not even one person applauded. He was very upset.

5.   All the retired workers have to work in neighbourhood committees in China, no exceptions.

6.   Mr Wang eats anything that have four legs apart from tables and chairs.

7.   Taiji is so easy to learn; even a ten-year old could do it without any problem. Why couldn’t you learn it?