Lesson two vocabulary

Capable, likely Huì MV L2W1
To drink V L2W1
Alchol  Jiǔ N L2W1
Not Méi ADV L2W1
To have or have not Yǒu  méi you  V L2W1
Orange Júzi N L2W1
Water, Juice Shuĭ N L2W1
Apple Pínguǒ N L2W1
Tea Chá N L2W1
Don't Bié ADV L2W2
A partical for verbs De P L2W2
Too, extremely Tài…le ADV L2W2
To do, to cook Zuò V L2W2
To seak Shuō V L2W2
…language ...wén N L2W2
Very Hĕn ADV L2W2
Already Yĭjīng      ADV L2W3
Particle Le P L2W3
Cup, ..cup of… Bēi N/MW L2W3
1 NW L2W3
2 èr NW L2W3
3 Sān NW L2W3
4   NW L2W3
5 NW L2W3
6 Liù NW L2W3
7 NW L2W3
8 NW L2W3
9 Jiǔ NW L2W3
10 Shí NW L2W3
To be drunk Hē zuì  RVC L2W4
(Indicates changes) le P L2W4