Set 10

现在时间六点四十五分 The time is 6:45 now. Play Media
刘洋!起床,起床!六点三刻了。再不起,你要迟到了!Liu Yang, get up. It's 6:45. You'll be late, if you don't. Play Media
现在时间十一点三十分 The time is 11:30 now Play Media
刘洋,中午你和我们一块儿吃午饭吧?Liu Yang, Are you having lunch with us at noon? Play Media
好啊,你们几点吃?OK, when are you eating? Play Media
十二点。等你哦!12:00. (We) are waiting for you! Play Media
现在时间十六点三十分 Time is 16:30 now. Play Media
你们下午几点下课?What time will you finish your class this afternoon? Play Media
我们下午四点五十下课。We'll finish our class at four fifty this afternoon. Play Media
现在时间二十一点 The time is 21:00 now Play Media
你有没有做作业?没有。Have you done your homework? Not yet. Play Media
什么?没有做?你想几点做?What? Not yet? What time are you going to do it? Play Media
马上,马上。我九点一刻做作业好吗?Immediately. I'll do it at nine fifteen, OK? Play Media
现在时间二十二点 The time is 22:00 now Play Media
刘洋,今天你想几点睡觉?Liu Yang, what time are you going to bed today? Play Media
我十一点半睡 I'm going to bed at half past eleven. Play Media