Set 6

在这个饭店吃饭不贵。It's not expensive to eat in this restaurant. Play Media
这个饭店的糖醋鱼很便宜。The sweet and sour fish in this restaurant is very cheap. Play Media
法国牛肉最好吃。French beef is most delicious. Play Media
法国人不吃米饭。French people don't eat rice. Play Media
你穿的裤子不好看。The trousers that you are wearing are not nice looking. Play Media
你买些法国牛肉。you should buy some French beef. Play Media
我喜欢吃红烧鱼。I like eating fish cooked in soy sauce. Play Media
你的饭店有什么汤?What kind of soups does your restaurant have? Play Media