Set 7

今天三点我去买东西。Today I'll go shopping at 3. Play Media
法国商店很贵,我不买衣服。French shops are expensive. I don't buy clothes. Play Media
我妈妈有一个商店,她卖便宜的衣服。My mum has a shop and she sells cheap clothes. Play Media
中国人在法国饭店喝很贵的酒。Chinese people drink expensive wines in French restaurant. Play Media
的中国朋友吃饺子也喝啤酒。My Chinese friend eats dumplings and drinks beer. Play Media
你烧的糖醋鱼很辣也很好。The sweet and sour fish that you cooked is very spicy and good. Play Media
今天穿你的红裤子。我很喜欢。Today I tried on your red trousers and I liked them. Play Media
明天我弟弟来饭店。My younger brother will come to the restaurant tomorrow. Play Media